How You Can Improve Your Singing in 2020

How You Can Improve Your Singing in 2020

Are you wondering how you can improve your singing in 2020? Not only is singing a fun hobby for you to take up, but it’s also amazing for your mental health, too. Singing in a choir can help people recover from mental illness, increase their confidence and overall, make them feel valued. If you decide to join a choir in the new year, you can improve your mental health, make new friends and explore this enjoyable hobby further. 

Keep reading to learn more about the wonders of joining a choir and how you can improve your singing in 2020. These singing tips are coming from the experts themselves, so pay close attention and you will be on the road to perfect harmony. 

Private Singing Lessons

If you feel that you’d benefit from special one-to-one work on your voice, private lessons are the one for you. With the sole focus on your singing needs, a teacher can help you understand how to control and develop your voice further. You can work through any notes that your voice finds hard to reach, get tailored advice and support, as well as watch your voice improve from lesson to lesson. 

One-to-one private lessons are also an excellent way for people to start their singing journey if they lack confidence. This also means that when you start singing with other people in a choir, you won’t be afraid to use your voice to its full potential. We even have a sister singing studio that specialises in one-on-one singing lessons, so be sure to get in touch if you feel this is the option for you!

Join a Choir

Joining a choir in 2020 can be a great way to improve your singing ability. Being a part of a choir not only helps boost your confidence and brings you closer to people with similar interests, but it also supports your vocal journey. You are surrounded by people who all love to sing and want to see you reach your greatest potential, too. Rather than singing alone at home, confused about how to improve, you can sing with others who know how to help you grow.

In a choir, you can ask others around you for support and guidance, asking them for tips and ideas on what works best for your voice, for example. As for the choir leaders, you can get specialist advice on how to boost your vocals and find your place in a choir. By meeting up regularly, you are always focusing on your voice, improving it week by week. With a dedication to join and sing with the choir, you make a dedication to improving your voice in 2020, too.

Increase Confidence

If you want to improve your singing in 2020, then you need to improve on your confidence, too. Singing enhances your well-being, encourages friendships, and allows you to perform which overall, boosts your confidence. The best way to feel more confident about something is to do it often enough that you are able to feel comfortable in that situation. As a singing teacher I often recommend that nervous performers join a choir to work on their confidence performing. There is a certain ‘safety in numbers’ and you can always hide at the back when you start out. 

With increased confidence, you will soon be volunterring for solos and singing in front of strangers, family and friends who will also encourage you, too. As your voice gets better over the months, people will start to notice the change and comment on it. This praise will only help boost your confidence further and encourage your love for this activity that you’re very good at. 

Sing-along Fun

They say practice makes perfect, and in the case of singing, it’s true. If you keep singing when you can, taking on the advice and tips learnt from lessons and from the people in your choir, you can train your voice to be better. Rather than abandoning singing between lessons and choir meets, you can keep practising your hobby.

A fun way to do this is by singing-along to movies and the radio. Make your commute to work a little more entertaining and turn the radio on and sing along to the top hits or old classics. When at home, turn on the TV and watch musicals with subtitles so that you can sing along to the songs; you can even get everyone else in the family to join in too for some family fun. 

Check out our website today to learn more about Cheshire Pop Choirs and how joining our choir can help you improve your singing in 2020. Whether you want to improve your singing, boost your confidence or meet new friends, our choirs can help you achieve your goals

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