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How to Stand Correctly When Singing

When singing, it is all well and good to accomplish the right pitch, tone and harmony, but to do this well, you should stand correctly, too. Stand correctly, you ask? Yes! Standing correctly when singing can allow your body the freedom to function at its best which includes the process of exhaling and phonation of the vocal cords.

When you sing, positioning your head, knees, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms and hands right will allow you to produce a better sound. If you’re unaware on how to stand when you are singing, keep reading this blog post, and we will give you our advice on why standing correctly while you’re singing is useful and how to do it so that in future, you’re singing, and more importantly, you’re standing correctly!

Why is it important to stand correctly, again?

There are many reasons as to why standing correctly while you sing is important. Not only will your voice have a better set up to produce the sounds it needs to, but you won’t be straining any of your muscles and bones either.

Having good posture when singing is one thing that singers sometimes neglect, but aligning your spine so that your joints aren’t bent can enhance and optimise your breathing, resulting in your voice potentially sounding better. 

And who wouldn’t want to improve on their vocal abilities? Keep reading to find out how you can.

How to Stand Correctly While Singing

First things first, to put things into perspective for you, we want you to ask yourself if your feet are entirely stood on the ground, if your shoulders are relaxed and if your spine is straight; all of these questions are imperative when trying to achieve the right singing stance. However, this isn’t where it ends!

You may be taking into account all three of those questions now, but your whole body needs to be doing its part. From top to bottom, let’s give you a checklist:

  • Chin: make sure it is parallel to the floor and slightly leaned back or tucked in.
  • Chest: hold it high with your shoulders relaxed or slightly back.
  • Stomach: relax your stomach muscles- now isn’t the time to work on that six pack! 
  • Hands: relax your hands and hold them still at your side or hold them behind your back.
  • Knees: try not to lock them – always keep them loose no matter how nervous you are.
  • Feet: keep your feet shoulder-width apart so you are gently rooted.

This may be a lot for you to take in, but once you put this checklist into play every time you sing, it will become second nature to you – ensuring that your body is stood correctly, and your voice is improving. 

We hope that this step-by-step guide has helped you for the next time you perform. If you’d like to practise at home so that you’ll find it easier to accomplish this the next time you sing, we recommend standing straight up against a wall with all of your body touching it and distributing your weight upon your feet while they are shoulder-width apart. This can all help you to become aware of how your posture impacts your singing.

Take all of our advice on-board, and your body will be free to sing. If you’d like more information on standing correctly while you sing, or you are looking to join a choir now that you are aware of how to utilise your voice to the best of your abilities, contact us through our website. Now, get standing correctly!

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