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How joining a choir can bring your family closer

Mother’s day has been and gone, and if you are like many people, that may have been the last time you actually saw your parents! Staying close to your mother and father when you grow up isn’t easy. You may have the best intentions to see each other more, but work, children and your busy schedule can make it hard to see each other as much as you’d like.

One great way to improve your relationship with your parents or adult children is to commit some regular time together to do something you love, and that is why joining a choir can be a great idea. Joining a singing group like Cheshire Pop Choirs can help you all to not only meet up but also have fun making new memories. As it is a commitment, you are less likely to “have no time” or “be too busy” as you don’t want to let your family, or the rest of the group down. 

Our local choirs are friendly, lively groups where your family can meet new people, learn new skills and have loads of fun too. Do you live locally too? Why not come along with your parents to have some real bonding time together and start an activity you can all enjoy together?

Our Congleton choir currently has two mother and son pairs attending who really enjoy spending quality time together doing something they love. Our member Elaine attends with her 17 year old son Sam and they both absolutely love being a part of the choir together! 

Why is a choir membership the perfect way to improve a relationship?

It will boost everyone’s happiness levels!

Singing as part of a choir has been scientifically proven to make us happier. Research from the University of East Anglia found that the combination of singing and socialising was an essential part of happiness because it promoted an ongoing feeling of belonging and wellbeing. 

Singing releases endorphins which are the ‘happy chemicals’ in our brains. So many people leave our choirs with a ‘buzz’ and feel very excited to come back again next week. 

Unsure if your family will enjoy it? Sign up to a trial session and see what you think. 

It will create a place for your family to meet new people. 

Our Pop Choirs are a brilliant place for your mum to meet new people. Our groups in Northwich, Nantwich, Lymm and Congleton are friendly and welcoming – we accept every one of any singing ability. Our main aim is that our members have fun and make new friends as well as improve their singing abilities. 

Maureen is a member of our Northwich Pop Choir and has been for over 8 years! She saidIt’s really good fun and I’ve made some really good friends. We’ve sung some fantastic songs together over the years”. Denise, another member of our Northwich group saidIt brightens my week and I really look forward to it.” 

By attending as a family, it can help you all to make some mutual friends and create a new social circle that includes your loved ones. This can be a great way to bring you closer together as a whole range of social activities can open up for you all with your new friends.

Learn new skills and increase confidence. 

Singing as part of a choir can help to naturally build our confidence levels. At Cheshire Pop Choirs, we take part in so many wonderful events and sing to raise money for brilliant charities and local events too. 

Being part of a larger group can help to build our confidence as we feel part of something amazing when we can see the delighted reaction of the audience watching. It can also be a brilliant way to reduce stress!

If you would like to sign up for a taster, or if you’d just like to hear more about what we do here at Pop Choir then you can find out more by visiting our website here, sending us an email to or phoning up using one of the numbers below!

Congleton: 01260 725 195

Northwich: 01606 601 251

Lymm: 01925 568 238

Nantwich: 01270 350988

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