4 reasons to join a choir

Choirs are wonderful places to be. They are spaces to meet new people, learn new skills and have terrific fun. But, there is so much more to joining a choir than just having a love of music. 

We’ve put together our 4 top benefits of joining a choir here – read on to see why we love choir singing so much! 


The first and most important reason to join a choir is to feel happier! Singing releases endorphins into our brains that chemically make us feel happier. Singing, especially as part of a group, can relieve stress and anxiety and make you feel full of positive energy and enthusiasm. 

Since ancient times, singing has always been a central aspect of religion and ritual and singing has been used to connect communities together and celebrate. There’s a reason why this tradition has stayed around for so long, and it is because it brings joy to people.   

When you join a choir, you are joining a group of like-minded people who are all working towards a common goal. This helps us to feel valued and like we belong, and recent research has revealed that group singing also helps us to forge strong social bonds. So, if you needed another reason to join a choir, then join to be happy!


Up next is musicality. When you join a choir, you will improve not only your voice but also the way that you hear music. Learning this new skill will help to draw out your natural musical ability. So, even if you think: “I can’t sing” the chances are with a bit of practice, you really can! 

Joining one of our Cheshire Pop Choir groups is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, but all of our members improve their singing skills along the way too. So, our second reason to join a choir is to learn something new and upskill yourself! 

Your Mental Health 

Singing is brilliant for your mental health. The ‘Sing Your Heart Out’ campaign researched how community singing was a big part of mental health recovery. As part of the study, interviewees all reported an improvement in or maintenance of their mental health and well-being as a direct result of engagement in the singing workshops. 

The study found that the combination of singing and social engagement produced an ongoing feeling of belonging and well-being. This feeling of happiness and belonging was made stronger when participants went to workshops weekly. The continuous structure, support, and contact helped to improve their mood drastically. 

Why not join a Cheshire Pop Choir group today and take care of your mental health. Whether you’ve been suffering from anxiety and stress, or if you just need a boost, singing will help. 


At Cheshire Pop Choirs we always sing as part of a group. This is a great way to build your confidence, as everyone is ‘in it together’. Hearing the lovely sound your voice is creating as part of a team is brilliant for building confidence and many of our members have told us their confidence has dramatically improved since joining. 

At Cheshire Pop Choirs, we regularly sing at charity events and even perform at parties and weddings. While none of our members has to do these things if they don’t want to, if you want to push your boundaries and try something new, joining a choir is the perfect way to do it! 

If you would like to sign up for a taster, or if you’d just like to hear more about what we do here at Cheshire Pop Choirs then you can find out more by visiting our website here, sending us an email to info@cheshirepopchoirs.co.uk or phoning up using one of the numbers below!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Congleton: 01260 725 195

Northwich: 01606 601 251

Lymm: 01925 568 238

Nantwich: 01270 350988

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