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What happens to your mind and body when you sing?

Although there are many benefits to singing out loud, whether that’s in a group of people or even by yourself, it is scientifically proven that singing in a choir has perks that can go beyond. You may guess the obvious benefits which are meeting new people, gaining a confidence boost and even just establishing a new hobby that brings you happiness, however, this blog post is going to solely focus on the health benefits of singing out loud in a choir and how powerful the effects can be. 

We all love a good sing-song, whether that is in the shower, in the car, at a concert or even at work when the radio is on. But are you aware of the fact that when you are singing out loud, it has a positive effect on your mind and body and that these effects can be significantly upscaled if you join a choir?

Mental Health and Singing 

Our mental health is such a prominent aspect of ourselves that we should always take extra care in the positive energy that we are taking in, so what better way to encourage positive energy than to sing in a choir?! 

Singing is very important. It is scientifically proven that it can improve your mental health by releasing endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our body, and because we have to breathe deeper during a song, it increases the blood flow, resulting in the endorphins having even more of an effect. These endorphins are the ones you experience when you laugh and even eat chocolate – the best kind!

Another chemical we release when singing is called Oxytocin; this is the ‘love’ chemical, one that takes its effect when you are being hugged or when you feel a bond with someone. This chemical is most significant if you’re singing in a group or choir; a result of this is that you’re left with a sense of belonging and trust because everybody around you is in the same boat, singing the same song and opening up in front of each other. 

Sadly stress is a part of life. Everybody gets stressed, but again, while singing, we can relieve stress quicker than we would usually because singing has been proven to decrease the levels of Cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the hormone that causes stress, and it is generally relinquished by the end of the day, but as scientists say, singing can quicken this process. 

Lastly, singing triggers the release of Dopamine. Dopamine is linked to falling in love, good food and even the shiver-down-the-spine feeling that you get when you do something that you enjoy. For example, when you really enjoy certain types of music, that’s the dopamine talking, so you will more than likely experience this pleasure when singing your favourite songs.

Singing and anxiety can come hand in hand. Being a member of a choir, although you may feel paranoid and vulnerable initially, is said to be a natural way of expressing yourself. You may find that releasing your feelings through song suits you more than speaking to a therapist one on one. This is because when you’re singing an emotional song, you can release all of your tension, stress and anxiety without actually discussing your feelings, whereas it can feel difficult and scary to express these emotions in an actual conversation. Your singing voice is such a raw part of you that when you project this through a choir, you are able to overcome insecurities and anxieties in a safe, supporting environment, and it gives you an opportunity to vocalise your emotions!

Another significant aspect of singing in a choir would be steering you away from your comfort zone; you will be interacting with one another, whether that’s by speaking or just by singing. This may be challenging if you’re in a fight with your mental health or if you’re simply just shy; however, even though you’ll be in a new situation, you will have supportive people around you who want to help you to feel at ease. 

Experience Something New

Finding a new hobby is good for your mentality too; doing the same old, same old on a daily basis can become repetitive and boring, but putting yourself out there to experience something new like a choir can result in you feeling happy and excited. More importantly, in the long run, you’ll be pleased that you’ve found an activity that has become a huge part of your life. This also ties in with learning new skills; your brain’s health should never be overlooked, and as you’re learning something new (i.e. songs, dance moves and keys), you’re giving your brain a workout, resulting in it in staying active and healthy.  

Whether you’re struggling mentally, or you’re just ready to push yourself beyond your daily routine, joining a choir is a great way to improve your life and wellbeing. Our Pop Choirs are always happy to welcome in new members; get in contact today through our website and join our talented, friendly members for a trial session at a group near you.

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