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What can joining a choir do for you?

Joining a choir is not always an obvious hobby choice for many people; but, like any highly recommended activity, Cheshire Pop Choirs have been significantly more popular over the past few years than anyone could have predicted. Our choirs have had many members return for years on end because they have had such a positive experience attending and felt a real improvement in their lives. 

If you are unsure or curious about joining your local choir, this blog post will be able to give you an insight into what joining a choir has done for some of our members who thoroughly enjoy it, what benefits they have acquired and what it could do for you. 

Why Join a Choir?

Why join a choir, you may ask? Singing in a choir is such a down-played activity, and you’re probably unaware of any members that go to one, but then, when you meet one person that attends a choir, we can guarantee that they have nothing but good things to say about it. To join a choir is not just a hobby for some people, it’s a place where they can fully express themselves, escape reality, meet new people and have an overall good time. 

Maureen, one of our Northwich Choir members who has been coming to the group for over eight years said: “It’s really good fun, it brightens up your week and I love it and would recommend it to anybody”. Like many other members, Maureen used the phrase “It brightens up your week” which puts the choirs’ abilities really into perspective. Many people who attend our choirs are looking for something to help them to escape their 9-5 lifestyle. It’s very easy to get stuck in a routine of going to work, coming home, eating dinner, watching TV then going to bed. Life is meant to be exciting and even challenging at times. Joining a choir can bring this fresh avenue for personal growth and development, whilst also providing a great escape from the normal routine.

With around 25,000 choirs now in the UK, it is safe to say that they are becoming the next big thing. One of the very appealing positives of joining a choir is the opportunity to meet new like-minded people. You can bond with members over a hobby that you both enjoy and then flourish friendships that may go beyond the choir. Choirs have become places for people to come out of their comfort zones and gain a new sense of confidence and companionship. 

As choirs are accepting of anyone, no matter their age, sex, gender, ethnicity or sexuality, you will be introduced to people that you may never have had the chance to meet if you hadn’t joined. This can be especially brilliant for people who have recently moved into a new area and are struggling to find ways to socialise. Sadly as an adult, it can be difficult to form new friendships, but by joining a choir, you are able to meet a variety of people who all have something in common with you – a love of music.

Health Benefits

Steering away from the social aspects, we move on to the health benefits of singing in a choir. The health benefits of being a member of a choir range from improved lung capacity to reduced muscle tension and even to helping mental health issues. A joint study between Harvard and Yale Universities in 2008 showed that regular singing could even increase your life expectancy! So not only are you making friends and coming out of your shell, but you’re improving your physical and mental health; making this an incredibly beneficial hobby. 

Focusing on mental health, choirs are known for their confidence-boosting ability. You could be singing on a stage in front of an audience of people, when a year ago, you would have found it challenging to even talk on the phone to a stranger. Being surrounded by other singers helps you to build on your confidence and courage as you are part of a larger group, all working together towards the same goal – creating beautiful music.

Choirs work wonders on confidence, stress, depression and even anxiety because not only is your mind being taken off any problems you may have, but the endorphins released while singing in a group of people makes you feel happy; resulting in you letting go, feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself. Jayne who attends our Congleton group joined Pop Choirs because she had lost her mum and required a pick me up; she quoted “I decided I needed something to make me happy, make me smile so here I am! It’s fantastic.”  

If we haven’t already convinced you to join a choir, then maybe one of our taster sessions will! Contact us on 01606 601251 or through our website for more information on your local choir singing groups because we would love to have you join our musical family!

Congleton: 01260 725 195

Northwich: 01606 601 251

Lymm: 01925 568 238

Nantwich: 01270 350988

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