Do I have to be a good singer to join choir?

The straightforward answer to the question that gets asked a lot: “Do I have to be a good singer to join your choir?” is no.

No – you don’t have to be good at something all ready to start! If we always had to be already excellent before we took up a hobby, then the reality is hardly anyone would ever try something new. We believe that everyone can get involved and have fun singing at our Cheshire choirs – regardless of their singing ability.

When you join one of our choirs, the most important thing for us is that you’re ready to have fun and give it a go. No one is expecting you to walk in as a professional singer already.

We are all about working together to improve our voices and enjoy ourselves, so no matter how ‘bad’ you think you are at singing, you will improve your musicality when you join one of our Cheshire choirs. Our motto is “if you enjoy it – do it!” We sing a whole range of songs from Motown to 80s classics to current pop charts, musicals and more.

We don’t hold any auditions at all, so whatever level you are at you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The funny thing is, usually when someone says “I can’t sing” the truth is, they can! It may be that you’ve decided for yourself that you aren’t in tune, or that you don’t sound right but, it is essential to remember a choir is made up of many voices.

If you compare yourself to famous or professional singers, the likelihood is that you’re going to think you don’t match up. But, with a bit of practice and some effort, your voice will sound great as part of group singing!

Often when people think they can’t sing, it’s that they don’t like the sound of their voice. Perhaps they’ve realised they can’t hit very high, or very low notes and for this reason, think they don’t have enough range to sing. The beauty of a choir is that we can find the perfect fit for your voice within the group.

Some people also say to us “ I can’t read music’ or, ‘I’m scared of singing in public’. Please don’t let either of those things put you off joining one of our choirs. You’ll be given recordings of your part to learn along with the lyrics, so there is no need for you to be able to come being able to read music.

If you’re worried about your confidence, all we can say is that many of our members have felt precisely the same before joining. Many have been very shy, or lacking in confidence, and after a few months of good fun and getting to meet new people in one of our Cheshire Pop Choirs, and they are happily singing to a crowd at a charity event.

Maureen is a member of our Northwich Pop Choir and has been for over 8 years! She said “It’s really good fun and I’ve made some really good friends. We’ve sung some fantastic songs together over the years”. Denise, another member of our Northwich group said “It brightens my week and I really look forward to it.

Our message would be, never say never. Don’t write yourself out of all the joy and fun that comes from a choir because you’ve decided ‘I can’t sing’.

If you ever find yourself thinking you can’t sing, try to remember some of the best artists in the world didn’t have traditional sounding voices. Billy Holiday famously only had a very small range of notes she could sing within comfortably, but she made a great sound. Likewise, some of the most famous singers in the world, including Pavarotti couldn’t read music! So, don’t let your ability level put you off!

If you’re still not convinced and would like to sign up for a taster to see how you feel then visit our website here. Or, send an email to or call up using one of the numbers below!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Congleton: 01260 725 195

Northwich: 01606 601 251

Lymm: 01925 568 238

Nantwich: 01270 350988

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