What do Nantwich pop choir do?

We sing a variety of music covering current chart music, classic pop and rock songs, soul and Motown as well as musical theatre and anything else we like the sound of! We describe ourselves as a POP choir mainly because we sing whatever’s popular! Members of the choir will often make suggestions of songs they’d like to try and we do our best to pick at least one song each term which has been suggested by the group.

When we learn a new song we hand out sheet music as it’s very useful for those who do read music. For those who don’t read music, we still like to offer the sheet music so you start to become familiar with music written down (although it’s perfectly ok to simply read the words to begin with!) All songs are learnt in a ‘call and response’ way- so the choir leader will sing your part to you and you sing it back until we’re happy you know it!

All choir members are given access to downloadable rehearsal tracks so you can practice your parts at home and go over anything you miss if you’re unable to make it one week.

The emphasis is on having fun so we don’t take it too seriously but we do still manage to create a fantastic sound together which is very rewarding!

We welcome singers aged 16 and over.

Nantwich Pop choir Performances

We love giving the choir something to work towards and try to plan a performance at the end of each term. Performances can range from theatre stages to street busking and charity fundraising.

None of our performances are compulsory so if the idea of performing in front of a crowd doesn’t appeal to you that’s not a problem- you’re still very welcome to simply enjoy the process of learning the songs and singing in the rehearsals.

The choir is also available for outside performances and particularly on the run up to Christmas we often get invited to sing in a variety of venues from local care homes to community parties to Peckforton Castle. We’ve also been involved in choir competitions and local school fates as well as being available for weddings. Whenever we are invited to perform we will first check whether we have enough choir members available to do it and will often put on extra rehearsals at the weekend to prepare.

Heather Baker - Founder of Cheshire Pop Choir

How to Join our Pop choir

If you’d like to try out the choir visit the “Book your place at the choir..” page and select the Nantwich Pop Choir option.  The 1 week taster session is usually £5 but for the coming term we’re offering it completely for free. If you have any questions you can contact us via the website or through our Facebook page. Once you’ve signed up for a taster session you’ll receive an e-mail with some more details ready for your first evening at choir. If you sign up for the full term we’ll give you access to the group dropbox where you can listen to the rehearsal tracks for any songs we do. We’ll also add you to our Facebook community group where you can chat to other choir members!

Nantwich Pop Choir
Nantwich Primary Academy
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