Top Romantic Songs

Top 10 Most Romantic Songs

If you take a look at the current top hits in the UK, you will see a vast range of genres and topics. With millions of songs being written and sung since the dawn of time, artists may find it hard to find a new perspective on an old subject, whether that’s friendship, loneliness, love …

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Carol Singers

Preparing for Christmas Carolling

While there may be some of us who find preparing for Christmas in November too early, others understand the amount of preparation and planning that needs to be done to ensure that it is a magical and memorable day. First things first, you need to organise your Christmas Day plans, food and family visits. Then …

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Lady singing at night

How to Stand Correctly When Singing

When singing, it is all well and good to accomplish the right pitch, tone and harmony, but to do this well, you should stand correctly, too. Stand correctly, you ask? Yes! Standing correctly when singing can allow your body the freedom to function at its best which includes the process of exhaling and phonation of …

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