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Cheshire Pop Choir’s Summer Concert 2019 at The Northwich Memorial Theatre

Saturday 20th July 2019


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our choir. We are a friendly group of people ranging in age from 16 to 60 plus, get in touch today to come along and try for yourself.

Heather Baker

“I’ve always loved group singing, creating harmonies, the comradery created in that situation. I wasn’t, however, the biggest fan of learning requiems! Growing up I had often been told I was singing too loud in a few choirs. I couldn’t help but question- is it me singing too loud? Or is everyone else holding back and singing too softly?!!? My first experience of seeing a full out Gospel choir answered that question for me- they certainly were not singing softly!!

So when I set up my first choir (later to become Northwich Pop Choir) I was determined to allow my singers to use their full voices and enjoy themselves doing so! I wanted to do something fun so I picked songs that I loved- mainly from pop and musical theatre and made sure that the process of learning the music was just as enjoyable as the finished results. This approach seems to be just the thing that people are looking for and our choir members have become like a very welcoming family! I love it and so do they!”

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